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Finsterwald and Zelda


After the last post, where i really put myself more out there, i will hide behind my art again in this one. I am working on the new puppet theatre show “Hänsel, Gretel, Finsterwald” right now and the puppets are in the making (almost homestretch) Rehearsals start today and i am very excited. We took…

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what’s up?


Hi mum and dad! I just wanted to make an update on my status quo and about what i’ve been working and what i am working on right now (if you are neither my mum, nor my dad, then you might be my sister. So, hello to you too! 🙂 And if you are, by…

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day to day routine


I am writing this post with a massive Hangover, it is 10.30 a.m and i haven’t been in the studio yet, actually i am thinking about going back to bed. Just to tell you this at the beginning so you know that i am not as perfect as i will try to make you think…

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It is SO incredibly hot here in Vienna and my brain seems to be in slumber mode (or maybe it has melted away for good). But nevertheless i went outside yesterday to take pictures for a new project i am working on. I am working again with the Photograper Ingo Karnicnik and we are again…

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All at once…DONE!


My dearest friends! I wrote in my last Blog about all the things coming up next and some of them are over now. I am super tired, but more or less already in the middle of the next project. But first things first. Here are the pictures of the puppets i made for “Fünf tragische…

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what’s next!?


Dear friends! ( I really hope that there is someone out there, reading my posts. Soon i will ask for proof in form of a Give away contest! So be sure to come back!) Right now i just wanted to make a quick update about what i am up to. There are so many things…

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With my birthday coming closer and closer and the sideeffect of getting older and older and trying to figure out where i stand, i decided to write about it. To think about the question (and i get this question a lot) “how does one become a puppet artist?” I will try and answer it here…..

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Now you know my biggest fear (or at least the one i am comfortable with letting you know. If you read PART I ). With this knowledge, let’s move on to Part II of my story, shall we? The sleeping little creature i found run off right after i took the picture, Limathewau tried to…

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We came back from Berlin a few days ago. Visiting Berlin once a year became a ritual since i participated at the Pictoplasma Academy and totally fell in love with Pictoplasma and what they are doing for Character Design worldwide. If you don’t kow Pictoplasma. Again, GO ! But what was really exciting about the…

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HARRY (again)


First of all: WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I hope that you will enjoy reading and following it, even if my english is not perfect at all and quite bumpy from time to time i still decided to write in english because i want all my friends from around the world ( and i am lucky…

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