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I promised to write something about Hänsel and Gretel and here goes. It was the last theatre project i was working on. (well, not the last like “the last”. I will definitly create puppets for theatre again) The director was Marie Steiner, who is super smart, super tough and super creative AND she has a…

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Finsterwald and Zelda


After the last post, where i really put myself more out there, i will hide behind my art again in this one. I am working on the new puppet theatre show “Hänsel, Gretel, Finsterwald” right now and the puppets are in the making (almost homestretch) Rehearsals start today and i am very excited. We took…

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what’s next!?


Dear friends! ( I really hope that there is someone out there, reading my posts. Soon i will ask for proof in form of a Give away contest! So be sure to come back!) Right now i just wanted to make a quick update about what i am up to. There are so many things…

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