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Pigeon Love


Everyone who knows me, knows that i have a soft spot, a very soft spot for all kinds of animals. And as with humans, it’s the outsiders that i find most interesting. The ones that are considered odd. In this special animal case, it’s pigeons who won over my heart. I never really cared much…

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I – Secret Dreams


Beloved imaginary friends, old and new (I actually think that my mother stopped reading my blog. I’ll create an imaginary mother i guess) Almost one year ago i started with exploring my imaginary world. I did weekly explorations and wrote my log here (If you missed out on all the fun, read it HERE) ,…

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Take care Gang


I’ve been working on a new gang of friends last year and when i introduced them to the world i decided to add as little information as possible so that everyone can find their own story in their own head and create their own world around them. But now i want to tell you my…

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