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Insert “with fear”


I moved my “fear diary” into this journal section. I’d advice you to read from the bottom up. 23.12.2019 Today i packed all my things and moved out of the gallery. The official ending of the installation. I am so thankful about everything. Most of all thankful for all of you who shared your fears,…

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I treated this journal/blog a bit like a stepchild while i was working on my installation. If you missed what i what i was working on, catch up HERE. As soon as i am back from my vacation i will update everything and i will keep up the writing. See you in the new year,…

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That was it …


My friends, real and imaginary, I took a short break after Mama Fortuna’s visit and i slept for weeks in the forest. Safe and sound. Awake again i want to share with you the pictures of the installation for big old Mama Fortuna. The Mama herself remains a mystery though and what happened with Mama…

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I am writing this post in a very very tired state of mind. But i promised myself (and THIS song started playing in my head immediatly) that i will do it today, for you and me (next song started playing in my head). But i will keep it short today. If you want to read…

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