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XIII – Real life and Adventure


Salve my imaginary friends, So good to be back here with you! I hope you have been exploring world six like crazy!? At least the ones of you who are proud owners of a citizen card. Do you remember when i told you that i would make a drawing of you? And i did! I…

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VIII – Dinnertime!


Welcome back my imaginary friends! I hope you are hungry because i am planning on cooking you some real dinner, REAL dinner, not imaginary. But first things first. I promised you a recipe and here it is. In my imaginary restaurant it’s the most ordered meal (you get it when you point at the hot…

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Part V – Night


“What goes on in the darkness of your world?” Question from the book “The imaginary world of .. ” by Keri Smith. In my imaginary world the night is the much safer time for wandering around and most of the magic shows only at night. But when i wanted to see all the nighty wonders…

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Part IV – Theater Video


Here is the video from the Theater Show. Obviously time in my imaginary world moves differently than in the one we know. And the thing is that the performance lasted for hours and the video of it only 30 seconds. Nevertheless it will give you a feeling of what happened that night. See you next…

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Part I – Welcome to my world


Today is an orientation day. For me as well as for you. (my imaginary friend) If you have no idea what this blog is about, start at the beginning, which means HERE. I started my journey from a small corner of my world, one that i know very well already, a place that i really…

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My imaginary (?) world


I have to confess that i am a challenge type of girl. I love challenges. And i don’t mean the daily life challenges (eventhough they would be enough from time to time). But i am talking about all these online challenges flooding the www around January. I have about four running and by the end…

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day to day routine


I am writing this post with a massive Hangover, it is 10.30 a.m and i haven’t been in the studio yet, actually i am thinking about going back to bed. Just to tell you this at the beginning so you know that i am not as perfect as i will try to make you think…

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