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Part IV – Theater Video


Here is the video from the Theater Show. Obviously time in my imaginary world moves differently than in the one we know. And the thing is that the performance lasted for hours and the video of it only 30 seconds. Nevertheless it will give you a feeling of what happened that night. See you next…

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My way into the puppet/sculptur/character business brought me through the world of puppet theatre (and i still go there sometimes for adventures). And years ago i wasn’t only on the crafting side, i was also creating shows and performing them myself (oh my). As this is something i am not doing anymore (at least not…

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I already wrote about Nesterval on my old website. They are amazing. They are organizing real life games in the city of vienna, sometimes very dark, very sinister. You should really go and check them out. And if you are in Vienna you should see if a Nestverval adventure is coming up and join, by…

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