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Imaginary snow


Yesterday night in started snowing and it didn’t stop until quite recently, which is actually the best thing that can happen to me. I love snow! Also, when there is snow, my imaginary friends love to show. So i went outside and i brought LimatheWau. Back inside we needed something to make the real world…

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On Inspiration and things


Actually i wanted to write a post about Hänsel.Gretel.Finsterwald. It is the puppet theatre show i was working on in the last month and also the thing that kept me so busy that i abandoned my Blog for such a long time. But now i am back and i feel the need to write a…

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With my birthday coming closer and closer and the sideeffect of getting older and older and trying to figure out where i stand, i decided to write about it. To think about the question (and i get this question a lot) “how does one become a puppet artist?” I will try and answer it here…..

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