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XIV – Someone’s coming


Good morning my lovely imaginary friends! I am sewing little plush versions of you right now (not right right now, but as soon as i leave the computer i will go on creating soft versions of you!) I spent the last days in my imaginary world and actually i wanted to have the gallery opening…

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We came back from Berlin a few days ago. Visiting Berlin once a year became a ritual since i participated at the Pictoplasma Academy and totally fell in love with Pictoplasma and what they are doing for Character Design worldwide. If you don’t kow Pictoplasma. Again, GO ! But what was really exciting about the…

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HARRY (again)


First of all: WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I hope that you will enjoy reading and following it, even if my english is not perfect at all and quite bumpy from time to time i still decided to write in english because i want all my friends from around the world ( and i am lucky…

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