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Stop-Motion Workshop Viborg


This late summer i attended i Stop-Motion workshop in beautiful Denmark. It was my first trip to this part of the world and before heading to Viborg, where the University is located, i decided to visit Coopenhagen for a few days. And i really fell in love with this city! Viborg is not much of…

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Frankenstein/Staatsoper Hamburg


I spent spring and early summer this year in Hamburg, rehearsing for “Frankenstein” an Opera (yes again, no another one) for Staatsoper Hamburg. I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing team of puppeteers who brought the monster to life, and we did well. The wonderful puppet was built by genius Marius Kob,…

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Please, meet Lulu. I found Lulu (back then she wasn’t Lulu though, she was just a naked old puppet. Plus creepy. A naked, creepy, old puppet) on a very bad day, bad for me because i was moody and hungover, big times. I went by bus to go into the city and there it was,…

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My way into the puppet/sculptur/character business brought me through the world of puppet theatre (and i still go there sometimes for adventures). And years ago i wasn’t only on the crafting side, i was also creating shows and performing them myself (oh my). As this is something i am not doing anymore (at least not…

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HARRY (again)


First of all: WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I hope that you will enjoy reading and following it, even if my english is not perfect at all and quite bumpy from time to time i still decided to write in english because i want all my friends from around the world ( and i am lucky…

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