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My Imaginary Gang


I am sitting here, listening to the Soundtrack of Westside Story (does everyone of my imaginary friends still know the musical? I have the feeling i am getting old, well, it’s not only a feeling, i guess i do get old. But so do you and hopefully we grow old together and we will never…

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Artificial love


Itˋs me again, secretly typing away on my secret blog on my, well, not so secret, website. But as we all know; blogs are dying, slowly they are more and more forgotten, more like imaginary ideas of typing. So I am positive, that no one is really reading this. Not even my mother so far,…

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On Doubt


Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a very beautiful project. ( yes, i have been in my imaginary world to see what happened there in the last year.. that’s up next in my journal. Let me only tell you that much; Spike Jonze is still hanging out there) The name of…

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Part VII – The Restaurant


A warm Welcome back to all my imaginary friends! In my head you are already an army of people following this blog’s every move to stay updated. I appreciate that and it makes me happy. (Nevermind reality, right?) This week was/is restaurant week and i am getting back to you so late because, man, running…

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On Inspiration and things


Actually i wanted to write a post about Hänsel.Gretel.Finsterwald. It is the puppet theatre show i was working on in the last month and also the thing that kept me so busy that i abandoned my Blog for such a long time. But now i am back and i feel the need to write a…

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