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Hairy backyard scratcher pt.II


Hello lovely imaginary friends! I want your imaginary skin under my fingers! only if you want it too, of course. But if you want to, contact me! Until September I will be in Carinthia, Austria, enjoying the lake and the sun (hell no, only kidding, I do not enjoy sun. But I do enjoy water)…

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your hairy backyard scratcher


Beloved imaginary friends, As some of you might have already noticed i am making quite a few tattoos recently. Like really “making”, i am drawing them and then i also work the ink into your skin, which might hurt but only a little (and this might be a little lie) and for a good reason….

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Ordinary blog post


Dear imaginary friends, I wrote a lot of imaginary blog posts over the last month, i hope you liked that as much i enjoyed writing them. Now i am back to do some real writing so that our “real” friends, here in the virtual world (does that sound real?) can read my stories too. For…

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