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Personal Wonderland


Dear Imaginary friends, If you ever want to visit Vienna ( i hear that that’s interesting to some people. I’d prefer to move away from here though) i want to introduce you to my favourite place. I will treat this little post like a photo love story, just leaving you here with the pictures to…

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XV – Forest Gallery


Chop chop my imaginary friends, Put on your fancy dress and grab your bottle of Champagne! The Gallery is open since this morning and i don’t know for how long the weather will be as nice as today. I heared  the weekend might not be so splendid, so maybe you want to wander through the…

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XIII – Real life and Adventure


Salve my imaginary friends, So good to be back here with you! I hope you have been exploring world six like crazy!? At least the ones of you who are proud owners of a citizen card. Do you remember when i told you that i would make a drawing of you? And i did! I…

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It is SO incredibly hot here in Vienna and my brain seems to be in slumber mode (or maybe it has melted away for good). But nevertheless i went outside yesterday to take pictures for a new project i am working on. I am working again with the Photograper Ingo Karnicnik and we are again…

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I already wrote about Nesterval on my old website. They are amazing. They are organizing real life games in the city of vienna, sometimes very dark, very sinister. You should really go and check them out. And if you are in Vienna you should see if a Nestverval adventure is coming up and join, by…

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