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Part II – One Way Street


I am back from my first adventure in my imaginary world. I walked through the door, brave and bold, and discovered the Street behind. If you missed the first step towards my imaginary world, read about it HERE. But before i tell you what i found behind the door i want to talk about those…

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I’m giving away my little wild bear. I love him very, very much, so i think my heart is going to break when he is gone. Now i am looking for a VERY good home and maybe you could be the lucky one! If you want him (and i know you do!) you can either…

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what’s up?


Hi mum and dad! I just wanted to make an update on my status quo and about what i’ve been working and what i am working on right now (if you are neither my mum, nor my dad, then you might be my sister. So, hello to you too! 🙂 And if you are, by…

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