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We have to go back!


.. not to the year 2016 though. But back to my imaginary world (and your imaginary world too) But first; HAPPY NEW YEAR. I actually wanted to create a really nice stop motion video for the new year but my studiolight crashed right onto my set and broke into thousand pieces. First i thought about…

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XIV – Someone’s coming


Good morning my lovely imaginary friends! I am sewing little plush versions of you right now (not right right now, but as soon as i leave the computer i will go on creating soft versions of you!) I spent the last days in my imaginary world and actually i wanted to have the gallery opening…

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XII – Muchness


My dear imaginary friends, Time flies and you might have noticed that i took the pace down a little here. But there will be at least one update a week, so stick with me, come and play and explore. The journey is far from over. Before we jump right into world six i thought i’ll…

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Part XI – Flashback Friday


My beloved imaginary friends, Today we are looking back. Firstly because the first part of the journey through my imaginary world is almost over and secondly because i have so many nice memories i want to share. Best memory of it all. Last Monday. Dinner was happening! Yes, the one where i invited you and…

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Part X – Promises


My beloved imaginary friends, i am sorry that you had to wait so long for this new part of my story. I can imagine you, sitting on the edge of your chair, biting your fingernails, wondering if i might be dead. Because, what else could keep me away from writing about my journey? Well my…

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VIII – Dinnertime!


Welcome back my imaginary friends! I hope you are hungry because i am planning on cooking you some real dinner, REAL dinner, not imaginary. But first things first. I promised you a recipe and here it is. In my imaginary restaurant it’s the most ordered meal (you get it when you point at the hot…

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Part VI – World Six


I will jump into the tasks from my last post right away. If you haven’t read it, do it HERE or start at the very beginning HERE. Ok, first task was: Find a name and logo for your world. Tadaaaaaaaa, here it is! And surprise surprise, i named my new world WORLD SIX! Not because…

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