Mar. 17/2018

Oh My...

Neverending Story

I can‘t believe that one year has passed since I wrote my last blog post. I promised myself to never let something like this happen. But I did.. Boy, I think even my mother must have lost faith in me by now. (and what about Spike Jonze? Is he still regularly visiting my restaurant? Does this restaurant even exist or did everything just vanish, turned into nothing because we didn‘t come back, because we forgot? ..Wait, sounds like a movie? Cue: Limahl )

What happened to our friends on one way street? What to the theatre and the director who rather wanted to be a Ballerina? What happened to my imaginary world? To all the stories in my head that I used to share with you? (note to self; don‘t forget to tell your mother that you are blogging again!)

I think we will have to do a follow up. On all those things, to find all the answers. What I can tell you right away though is, what happened to me over the last year. From the point where I got lost, to the point of my return (which is today)

About one year ago I got a call from a director who wanted to talk about a project where he needed puppets (yay) stagedesign (yay) and a puppeteer (hell no. Stagefright galore) We met and talked for a few hours and at some point it became clear that if I would be making the puppets and objects, it was crucial to also perform and animate them. The anxious person I am wanted to quit the whole thing but he was smart enough to promise me an iPad for the premiere night. The cheap person I am wanted to have this iPad, so I said yes ( what I got for the Premiere night for real is a totally different story but all that counts is, that i am writing this blog post from my iPad pro) But long Story short, i went to work with him on this project and i‘ve been away from Vienna for almost three months. (Only home on some weekends) In this time Limathewau died. She was old, she had the perfect life, I was sitting next to her when she made her last breaths. Still, this was the moment my life turned upside down. Not right away but slowly, steadily.

Here are some pictures from the performance (which turned out great, almost perfect.. plus, i had so much fun performing. Who would have known) It was called „Money“ and never ever in my life had my mailbox looked that good, with all the emails, subject ………„Money“.

New Life

After that i came home to a place without Limathewau and after being together for over 14 years, it was tough. So it was perfect timing that i had to jump into a new project right away, which was „Frankenstein“ at Deutsche Oper in Berlin. I think this was the coolest project i ever worked on. The whole team was so passionate and nice. The director had total trust in me which meant that I could create everything I wanted to. Frankenstein always was one of my favorite books, the topic of the sensitive monster getting fucked up by society, by a father who didn‘t take responsibility, i always loved it and I was more than happy to work on my interpretation of the story. I created a monster (cue: Eminem), no we all did, we created a monster and we loved it so very very much. My heart is still in Berlin, with all my monster puppets who had to stay at the Opera. Picture time!

I am back in Vienna now, i don‘t have flat here anymore, so I live in an Airbnb Appartement until it is time to go to Hamburg, where I will be working on … Frankenstein again! Another project, another team, but Opera again and Frankenstein again. And if you followed my descriptions closely, you might have realized the growth in my braveness. Where it took an iPad first to lure me on stage, I bravely coached singers and actors for the Opera in Berlin and I will now perform at Staatsoper Hamburg (without making the puppet myself, which is a first)

What will happen to me after Hamburg? I don‘t know. Will i have to live in my imaginary world and work at the Restaurant? Probably.

If you have any idea for my future, let me know!

Oh wait, I am being overdramatic I guess. I will have an exhibition in Vienna, at Jan Arnold Gallery in September and an exhibition at a puppet Theater Festival in October. But what will happen to me after Oct… ok, i am going to stop myself right there. I so badly want to add a link for a song but I didn‘t blog for such a long time that i forgot how to do it. Everything changes so fast and my brain seems to be shrinking.

Alright, see you for my imaginary world follow up! Soon ! 2019!