I was raised in a very small Austrian town that is surrounded by mountains and forests. Being the only child in the neighbourhood,
I soon discovered my deep connection with strange things. Be it the spooky old cat-lady next door, baby frogs in the forest, invisible pigs in the cellar, and much more, I found myself bonding with entities and fantasies.


During Art School, where I studied silkscreen printing and textile design, I discovered that many strange creatures live in my
imagination. And since then, my first aim has been to get these creatures out of my head and into real life. I do this through
sculptures, performances, installations and drawings.


I am creating my own imaginary world, think of me as an escape artist. I am sharing this world with you and i invite you to escape reality and join me. You can visit or move in with me, i will try and make your stay enjoyable. And from now on you are my best imaginary friend.




Things i did


“with fear”/ Immersive Installation/ Jan Arnold Gallery/ MQ Wien/ Vienna/2019

“Adam and Eve – A de-and reconstruction of childhood”/ Joachim’s Treatment Puppet Festival/ Vienna 2019

“You are with us now”/ UNSAFE + SOUNDS Festival/ Vienna/ 2017

“Mama Fortuna”/ Installation and Performance/ International Puppettheatre Festival/ Schuberttheater Wien/ 2016

“Character Photo Booth” /International Puppettheatre Festival/ Vienna/ 2015

“Lolo Wunderhund” / Opening Hundsturm / Vienna (Volkstheater) / 2013

“Damn good Advice” / Rummelhummel / Vienna / 2013

“Wildnisfähigkeit I” Installation with Texts,Pictures and Objects / A Research Project about Jerome Kite / with Thomas Glavinic / 2011

“Die Nachtigall” from Hans Christian Andersen / Museum of modern Art / Klagenfurt / with Katrin Ackerl Konstantin / 2012


“Frankenstein”/ Character Design, Puppet fabrication, Puppet Coaching/ Tischlerei/ Deutsche Oper Berlin/ Regie: Maximilian von Mayenburg / Berlin 2018

 „Frankenstein“ / puppeteering/ Staatsoper Hamburg/ Regie: Philipp Stölzl/ Hamburg 2018


“Der Kreisky Test”/Performer/ Nesterval / brut/ Vienna/2020

“Auf Ewig Dein”/Puppet Design and Fabrication, Stage Design, Performance, neuebuehnevillach/ Director: Erik Jan Rippmann/2019

“Das Dorf”/Performer/Nesterval / brut/ Vienna, 2019

“Beethovens unsterbliche Geliebte” / Puppet Design and Fabrication/ Schuberttheater/ Vienna 2019

“Money – Ich verdien’ nichts Besseres” /puppets, stage design, performance/ neuebuehnevillach/ Director: Erik Jan Rippmann / 2017

“Haydn – Die Musik aus mir” / Puppet Design and Fabrication/Schuberttheater/ Regie: Simon Meusburger/Vienna 2017

Nesterval  /Objects, Masks, Performance/ several Performances, ongoing/ Vienna/since 2015

“Die Erschaffung der Welt”/ Puppet Design and Fabrication/ Schuberttheater/ Regie: Marie Steiner/ Vienna 2016

“Hänsel.Gretel.Finsterwald” /A Puppet Theatre Installation/Puppets and Stage/ Regie: Marie Steiner/Vienna/2015

“Fünf tragische Weisen eine Frau zu töten” /Puppet Design/ Schuberttheater/ Regie: Jasmin Zamani/ Vienna/ 2015

“ALICE” Puppet Design and Creation / Schuberttheater / Vienna / Regie: Simon Meusburger/  2014

“Which way to happy” Performance with Objects /Set Design and Objects/ with Karin Pauer / Kukla Festival Istanbul / Festspielhaus St. Pölten / Austria / 2012

“Die Europa” Theatre show from Philip Weiss / Live Animation on Stage with Objects / 2012

“Zum Glück” Puppet Theatre Performance /Story, Stagedesign, Puppets and Performance / supported by BMUKK and MA 7 / 2010

“Tittenfisch Metropolis” from TOMAK / Creating and performing a Puppet/ Kunsthalle Vienna / 2010

“Im Bett” Puppet Theatre Show, Stage Design, Puppets and Performance / Director: Christoph Bochdansky / 2009

“Troilus und Cressida” Puppets and Performance / Adaption from Thomas Ballhausen / Paraflow Festival / Museumsquartier Vienna / 2009

“Die Gedankenmaschine” Puppets, Story, Performance, Puppet Theatre / supported by BMUKK and MA 7 / 2009

“Wie man Wünsche beim Schwanz packt” from Pablo Picasso / Puppets and Performance / neuebuehnevillach / Director: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin / 2008

“Ein feines Haus” / Puppets, Story, Set Design / dreizurdritten Puppet Theatre Festival / Vienna / 2007

Handpuppets for the artists TOMAK and ZUREK for an Event at the Gallery Heike Curtze / Salzburger Festspiele / 2007

Group shows:

“Untamed Fauna”/ Alexi Era Gallery/ Portland 2016

“Textilie. Faser,.Stoff” /KULMaterie/ 2016

“Memory” / Pictoplasma Festival / Berlin 2015

“Avocado Skateboards” / Mostly black and white / Vienna / 2015

“Sources and Secrets” / moe / Vienna / 2014

“Pictoplasma” / Character Selfie Installation / Berlin, Mexico / 2014

“Pictoplasma” / Academy Group Show / Berlin / 2014

“Costum Toy Show” / Vienna, U45 / 2014

Solo shows:

“Big Bang Puppets” Solo show/ International Puppet Theater Festival/Mistelbach 2018

“Twenty Five” / PannOpticum- International Puppet Theatre Festival / 2014

“My little Creature Shop” / YIX / Vienna / 2013

“lost and found” / PannOpticum- international Puppet Theatre Festival / 2012

Music Videos:

“Outer Space Dancer” / Video for “Mauracher” / Masks, Objects, Set Design / 2013

“Beer and Skittles” / Music Video for Drylake / Setdesign, Puppets, Story and Performance / 2012

“Hell of a Speech” Julia / Puppet and Performance / Director: Bernd Preiml / 2008


Like What You See?

I am available for private commissions and/or commercial work.