I was raised in a very small Austrian town that is surrounded by mountains and forests. Being the only child in the neighbourhood,
I soon discovered my deep connection with strange things. Be it the spooky old cat-lady next door, baby frogs in the forest, invisible pigs in the cellar, and much more, I found myself bonding with entities and fantasies.

My World

Since then i am creating my own imaginary world, think of me as an escape artist. I am sharing this world with you and i invite you to escape reality and join me. You can visit or move in with me, i will try and make your stay enjoyable. And from now on you are my best imaginary friend.


During Art School, where I studied silkscreen printing and textile design, I discovered that many strange creatures live in my
imagination. And since then, my first aim has been to get these creatures out of my head and into real life. I do this through
sculptures, performances, installations and drawings.

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Things i did



Conference Speaker, Metaphor of a humann condition, Berlin 2022

Game Dev Days

Befriending the Imaginary, Online, 2021


Which Way to Happy

Installation, Red Carpet Awards, Vienna, 2023

This Room belongs to us

Installation, Pictoplasma Conference, Berlin 2022

A Theory of you

Immersive Installation / Red Carpet Showroom Vienna / 2022

With Fear

Immersive Installation / Jan Arnold Gallery MQ Vienna/ 2019

Adam and Eve

"A de-and reconstruction of childhood" / Joachim's Treatment Puppet Festival/ Vienna 2019

You are with us now

Immersive Installation /UNSAFE + SOUNDS Festival / Vienna / 2017

Mama Fortuna

Installation and Performance / International Puppettheatre Festival / Schuberttheater Vienna / 2016

Character Photo Booth

Immersive Installation /Schuberttheater / Vienna / 2015

Lolo Wunderhund

Opening Hundsturm / Vienna (Volkstheater) / 2013

Damn good advice

Rummelhummel / Vienna / 2013

Widlnisfähigkeit I

A Research Project about Jerome Kite / with Thomas Glavinic / 2011

Die Nachtigall

Die Nachtigall / Hans Christian Andersen / Museum of Modern Art / Klagenfurt / with Katrin Ackerl Konstantin / 2012

Theater and Opera

Kapitän Nemo's Bibliothek

Puppet Design and Fabrication, Neue Oper Wien, 2023

Das schlaue Füchlsein

Puppet Design and Fabrication/ Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater/ Maximilian von Mayenburg/ 2023

Sex, Drugs and Buddenbrooks

Performer/ Nesterval/ brut Vienna/ 2022

Sex, Drugs and Buddenbrooks

Performer/ Nesterval/ Kampnagel Hamburg/ 2021

Goodbye Kreisky

Performer /Nesterval /brut Wien /2020

Der Kreisky Test

Performer / Nesterval / brut Vienna / 2020 (Nestroypreis 2020)

Auf Ewig Dein

Puppet Design and Fabrication, Stage Design / Performance / neuebuehnevillach/ Director: Erik Jan Rippmann /2019

Das Dorf

Performer /Nesterval / brut / Vienna, 2019 (Nestroy Nomination)

Beethovens unsterbliche Geliebte

Puppet Design and Fabrication / Schuberttheater / Vienna 2019


Puppeteering / Director: Philipp Stölzl / Staatsoper Hamburg 2018


Puppet Design and Fabrication / Puppet Coaching / Deutsche Oper Berlin / Regie: Maximilian von Mayenburg / Berlin 2018


Puppets, Stage Design, Performance/ neuebuehnevillach / Director: Erik Jan Rippmann / 2017

Haydn - Die Musik aus mir

Puppet Design and Fabrication /Schuberttheater / Regie: Simon Meusburger /Vienna 2017

Die Erschaffung der Welt

Puppet Design and Fabrication / Schuberttheater / Director: Marie Steiner / Vienna 2016


A Puppet Theatre Installation / Puppets and Stage / Director: Marie Steiner /Vienna 2015

Fünf tragische Weisen eine Frau zu töten

Puppet Design and fabrication / Schuberttheater / Director: Jasmin Zamani / Vienna 2015


Puppet Design and Fabrication / Schuberttheater / Director: Simon Meusburger / Vienna 2014

Which way to happy?

Performance with Objects /Set Design and Objects / with Karin Pauer / Kukla Festival Istanbul / Festspielhaus St. Pölten / 2012

Die Europa

Live Animation on Stage with Objects / Director: Philipp Weiss/ Theater Drachengasse / Vienna 2012

Zum Glück

Puppet Theatre Performance / Story, Stagedesign, Puppets and Performance / supported by BMUKK and MA 7 / Vienna 2010

Tintenfisch Metropolis

Performance from TOMAK / Puppet fabrication/ Performance/ Kunsthalle Vienna / 2010

Im Bett

Stage Design, Puppets and Performance / Director: Christoph Bochdansky / Vienna 2009

Troilus und Cressida

Puppets and Performance / Adaption from Thomas Ballhausen / Paraflow Festival / Museumsquartier Vienna / 2009

Die Gedankenmaschine

Puppets, Story, Performance / supported by BMUKK and MA 7 / Vienna 2009

Wie man Wünsche beim Schwanz packt

From Pablo Picasso / Puppets and Performance / neuebuehnevillach / Director: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin / 2008

Ein feines Haus

Puppets, Story, Set Design / dreizurdritten Puppet Theatre Festival / Vienna 2007

Group Shows


Millerntor Gallery/Hamburg/ 2022

Small Works/ After Life

Penumbra Gallery/Portugal/ 2021

Don't wake Daddy XV

Feinkunst Krüger /Hamburg /2020

Untaimed Fauna

Alexi Era Gallery / Portland 2016


KULMaterie / 2016


Pictoplasma Festival / Berlin 2015

Sources and Secrets

moe / Vienna / 2014


Character Selfie Installation / Berlin, Mexico / 2014


Pictoplasma Academy Group Exhibition / Berlin / 2014

Costum Toy Show

Vienna, U45 / 2014

Solo Shows

A Theory of you

Immersive Installation / Red Carpet Showroom Vienna / 2022

With Fear

Jan Arnold Gallery /MQ Vienna /2019

Big Bang Puppets

International Puppet Theater Festival / Mistelbach 2018

Twenty Five

PannOpticum- International Puppet Theatre Festival / 2014

My Little Creature Shop

SIX / Vienna / 2013

lost and found

PannOpticum- International Puppet Theatre Festival / 2012