Claudia Six

Escapism is art. Hiding places are protection. And creatures of darkness bring comfort and light. Claudia Six weaves her own world in a wide variety of disciplines. This world consists of fading feelings from the past. From dreams, the hope of emotional release, security, joy and insecurity. The complexity of these overlapping, elusive emotions are fine yarn, a ball from which the artist weaves a condensing image of a second world. Imaginary and long forgotten friends, dream fragments of lonely nights and familiar characters that no one else can see manifest themselves in this.


2012 ᐸ ᐳ 2024


(Jun. 4/2024)


(Feb. 27/2024)

*kLEInE AffÄRe*

(Jan. 28/2024)

°^TinY tALEs**

(May 30/2023)

^CONneCtiVe DreAmInG*°

(Feb. 04/2023)

*^TaTtoO FaQs*°

(Feb. 03/2023)

*+BeauTiFuL * BizARrE °

(Dec. 15/2022)

*°MeTapHor Of A HuMAN ConDiTioN+°