Aug. 25/2019

Adam and Eve


In June this year i had the opportunity to be part of a puppet theater festival in a very beautiful location in Vienna. They asked me if i wanted to exhibit some of my pupptes. But i always get bored with the thought that my puppets could be just sitting around without a task. So i decided to create an immersive installation. As i am also part of an immersive theater company in Vienna, Nesterval, i really am a sucker for interactive things and for the audience being an important part of your shows. Actually nothing is complete without the participation of the audience.

With Adam and Eve i wanted to revisit childhood. I spent hours going through old photobooks of my childhood (only to discover that i was the ugliest child there ever was) and to think about my childhood. To think about what made me happy and what made me sad.

To Heal

Fact is that some things never change and i still get sad (more like angry) when i am hungry or when i am left alone. I am still happy about baby animals and imaginary friends. I wanted the audience to think about the same things. To deconstruct their childhood, think about it and share the happy and sad memories.

After the deconstruction they had the chance to recreate an new family picture, together with Adam and Eve.

And, in the best case something changes. The way you look at your childhood, your family or your life right now. My perspective has changed completely. I always thought about me as the melancholic, thin little child. Turns out i was happy af and as chubby as i was happy.

Shout out to my parents! I am more than grateful that you made me a happy person!