Jun. 2/2015

Afraid of the Dark II


Now you know my biggest fear (or at least the one i am comfortable with letting you know. If you read PART I ). With this knowledge, let’s move on to Part II of my story, shall we?

The sleeping little creature i found run off right after i took the picture, Limathewau tried to follow but, hell was this little thing fast!

So i decided to have breakfast first and then pay a visit to the sleeping tree and see if i can find something there.

Eventhough i can relate to why the locals are calling it “The sleeping tree” i still couldn’t find any proof that this place might be the home of TheVolk.

After this quite disappointing part of the day, i decided to go back to the cabin and set up the traps again. But when i arrived at the cabin a surprise was waiting for me! Lined up in front of it i found old antlers, but….. well look for yourself.

I wasn’t sure if the local youngsters were playing tricks on me or if it was a sign from TheVolk. A present maybe?

The rest of the day was quiet and i sure needed the time to write everything i saw and learned down and to take care of the traps but also of simple things like fire and dinner.

Day 4

In early morning hours i heard strange sounds from outside, not the usual ones that start when it’s dark, but noise coming from the traps. And to my surprise, someone got trapped inside one of the old cooking pots!

I immediatly knew that it was a baby Volk and i lay quiet for a while, waiting if the parents would come back for it. But they didn’t, and after a while i decided to take care of him because he was making sounds that sounded really sad for my humen ears. I named the little guy Harry and he turned out to be really nice company, my dog loved him and he loved everything i showed him, be it the old toothbrush or his own reflection in the water.

In the evening i brought him with me into the cabin.

This night was the worst of all. The sounds became so loud and came so close, there was scratching and knocking on the door. I figured that his parents were looking for Harry so i wanted to bring him outside. But everytime i tried make him leave he started to cry so badly. This went on the whole night long until the noises stopped in the morning and he fell asleep in my arms, safe and sound.

Day 5

After that night i decided to leave early in the morning. There was this face behind me again, in the mirror and it was closer than the last time. I would never admit that i was afraid, but i to be honest, i was worried a little.

And i decided to take Harry with me and he seemed to be happy about it. I am still not sure if i was lucky to find him or if TheVolk wanted me to find him and they maybe also wanted me to bring him back to the city with me.

We’ll never know…