Aug. 28/2016

Bellybutton and headless Lady

Dear imaginary friends,

My dear imaginary friend who asked for a story about my bellybutton, here it is…

First of all i would like to say that i don’t have the best of relationships with my belly, i bet a lot of people feel the same about their bellies and thinking of it, it makes me sad that we tend to turn away from the centre of our body in such an unloving way. I did, maybe still do, for so many years. Today i wanted to take pictures for this blog post, pictures of my bellybutton and guess what..the close up looked like a vagina. I was in shock, or in awe!? But i will spare you the picture. I ended up taking endless pictures of my bellybutton, my belly, my legs, my body in general and i realized that i never ever have done that before and it was so much fun seeing my body from a totally different angle, not only the critical look into the mirror. I would strongly suggest that you take a camera right away and take some pictures of your body (the naked one) but maybe it’s a “been there, done that” for you anyway. For me, it was revelation. Here it is, my bellybutton! (oh and it was pierced, as you can see. Got it when i was 13)

And connected to my bellybutton is a little story about a girl, no she is not a girl anymore, she is a lady.. Connected to my bellybutton is a headless lady. She appeared in my flat one summer evening, just standing there, no head but all good manners and nicely dressed. She brought a little rock and nature, i liked her from the beginning. And that lady was folding her hands so lovingly over her bellybutton, i took it as a sign. Is this where she came from? My own bellybutton? Did the lady without a head had to wander through the valley of my heart? The one so shallow and man made. (thank you Adele for letting me borrow this line). And where did she live before and where did she loose her head? Is her head still in my head and is she here to remind me that i should listen to my guts more, not so much to all the chatter in my head? Her name is Klydia i heard and she will stand as a reminder now.

Alright, I’ll stop the crazy talk now. What did i do today, besides taking pictures of myself? The weather is sunny and hot today, which i don’t specially like but i like that i have a pool and a place in the shadows to hide and read books. Here are two inspirational books i really love: