Apr. 8/2015

Berlin, TEC and Pictoplasma

Pictoplasma mon amour

I just came back from Berlin a few days ago. Visiting Berlin once a year became a ritual since i participated at the Pictoplasma Academy and totally fell in love with Pictoplasma and what they are doing for Character Design worldwide. If you don’t kow Pictoplasma. Again, GO !

But what was really exciting about the Festival this year was that The Eggplant Collective had their first group show there! And i am proud to be part of this wonderful collective of artists from all around the world. We were hijacking the Festival and had our own show at Memory Cafe in Berlin. It was an amazing experience and i really hope that we will be doing more of this in the future.

The theme of our exhibition was “Memory” and this is my work. D(IO)RAMA “GHOSTS FROM THE PAST” . It is a shrine where you can leave all your bad memorys and the god of the ghosts of the past will take care of them. Simply place an object inside that reminds you of something you’d rather like to forget, walk away, breathe deep and let go!

I really hope that i can show this shrine at some other venues, gallerys etc. soon. I will keep you updated if i do so. Until then, gather all your bad memory objects.

Berlin mon amour

I also brought Baby Harry with me to Berlin. If you remember Harry from my first Blogpost, Baby Harry isn’t his child, it IS Harry, but as a baby. Some weird Back to the Future thing going on here.

Anyway, Baby Harry loves Berlin and he loves Art, The Eggplant Collective aaaand beer!

In one of the pictures you can see him looking at Art of Greer Lankton. I saw the exhibition at a small gallery in Berlin and we were blown away. She was a wonderful puppet artist.

The rest of the time i was simply enjoying Berlin…..