May 03/2020

Catching Up * Starting

Start the year

Since my last entry i was planning on writing a little travel diary here. My year started in South Africa and it was the perfect way to start the year, it was perfect and promising. The year itself didn’t quite live up to my expectations but South Africa still feels as perfect as it felt back then.

So i decided to share this journey with you and if it’s ever possible to travel again and if you, by any chance, plan on going to South Africa, please trust me that my South Africa plan is the perfect one to go with. We were in paradise for three weeks, never a dull moment.

I will start with the journey tomorrow and i will guide you through it. This picture was taken at the most southernmost tip of South Africa. Cape Alguhas. No filter was needed, that’s just the magical light that South Africa has for some reason.

Also, while our semi shutdown lasted, i wasn’t allowed to make tattoos (for obvious reasons) but now i am back at it. And i missed it, eventhough i sometimes wish that it would be possible for peope to just leave their bodyparts at the front door and collect them again after a few hours, perfectly tattooed.


Alright, that’s it for now. I can’t believe that this is the first thing i wrote this year. But i guess i don’t need to explain how different the last weeks have been (than again, who am i kidding. I didn’t write a lot before, i can’t blame Covid-19 for not working on my blog i guess)

Stay safe!

And see you soon for my travel blog. I always wanted to be a travel blogger. In a world where traveling is impossible now, i think it’s perfect timing!