Feb. 28/2016

Citizen C

Here it is,

My certificate of citizenship! I am so proud to be now a real citizen of world six. The more i learn about this world the more intrigued i am. I know that i actually wanted to bring my imaginary world challenge to an end middle of march. But i think this will go on for much longer. There is still so much to discover, so many adventures waiting ahead and i want you to explore this world with me. I hope you will stick around my imaginary friend. There will be little surprises, giveaways, more riddles, people you might know and speaking in general: Everything is possible on the way. For example, today you have the chance to become a citizen of world six too. But more about this later.

One of the most exciting things i discovered recently is how all the other citizens of world six came into being. I hope you all remember the monkey spirit who was the one authorized to give me my citizen card? Well, after she gave it to me i still had to validate the card and so i came to meet the mother of world six. It is a wolf giving birth to all the characters and creatures in world six through bubbles out of her mouth. Still a mystery what came first, the bubble or the wolf?

And now to you my imaginary friends. Like i told you I am giving away citizen cards. It’s a package that includes, the citizen card and a mask, so you will fit in. If you want one, simply comment here on the blog or if you are shy (which, by all means, you shouldn’t be) write me an email and i will send it to you, worldwide (imaginary and real)

Also i will place some world six packages all around Vienna in the next days. So hopefully the world will grow.

This is, by the way, what a meeting looks like in world six. I am the one with the huge head in the middle (because my thoughts are so big) Come and join the happy family. (scared yet?)

And i don’t know if you realized that i still owe you the drawing of world six? Ever wondered what it looks like and what you should do when going on a Sightseeing Tour there? (Citizen Card members only).

These will be my next tasks

° Create a drawing and a map of world six

° Create a Traveller’s Guide

And maybe maybe maybe, if i find the time

° Create a Soundtrack for world six

phew, now let’s get going!

But beside these tasks i will place the Certifications of Citizenship in different places in Vienna and i will post pictures of the whereabouts here! And maybe also on Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t follow me, HERE is the link where you can find the icons and links.

Thank you for joining me on this journey my imaginary friend. One day i will describe to you how you look like in my head. And then i will make a big plush toy that is you.

Anyway, take care! <3