Jun. 07/2016



am writing this post in a very very tired state of mind. But i promised myself (and THIS song started playing in my head immediatly) that i will do it today, for you and me (next song started playing in my head). But i will keep it short today. If you want to read more of what i wrote, go and read this super nice interview about me, my art and my studio on the reflected faith blog, follow the link HERE.

In this interview i also talk about my new project Mama Fortuna, a short intro. Now i want to tell you a little bit more about it and most of all, i want to invite you to come and meet Mama Fortuna. If you are anywhere near Vienna. I am creating this installation/performance (it really is a little bit of both) for a Puppet Theatre Festival. Mama Fortuna is an ancient and wise, mystical creature who only leaves her home (no one knows where it is exactly) once in a hundred years. In my installation you can go and meet her and she will tell you your future. But before having the possibility to finally stand in front of her, you have to walk through her forest world and solve some riddles. Mama Fortuna herself is an “one on one” performance and I am building a life size puppet, and creating the forest world with different creatures living in it.

Mama Fortuna loves presents. If you bring her something you will definitly be rewarded. She also did hide a little box in the forest, if you bring her something out of this box you will be super highly rewarded (or at least, that’s what she told me) If you want to find the box, here are the coordinates (Vienna!) and some picture of the box, the tree and the surrounding. Oh how happy you would make me and Mama Fortuna if you would go and find the box.

N48° 12,988

E016° 16,362

And we made a very special teaser for good old Mama Fortuna.

Alright my friends (real and imaginary) i am off to bed. I really hope that i will see some of you at the Festival, visiting Mama Fortuna, pockets full of presents and objects from the mysterious box.

Oh, also very important. WHERE will Mama Fortuna be?? Are you on Facebook? Find the event HERE.

Or go to the website of the theatre. HERE.