Apr. 24/2016

Imaginary friends

They are here!

You are here! Beloved imaginary friends and your softsculpture versions!

For those of you who missed how all of this started. I promised to make drawings of how i imagine my imaginary friends (who are all the people following me on this journey through my imaginary world) so i closed my eyes and created drawings. Then i opened my eyes again and created softsculpture versions of the drawings. And now they need their real imaginary friends.

Do you recognize yourself in one of them? Do you want one? Leave a comment below becaaaaaaaaause i am sending them away. To you! As a present because they wouldn’t exist without you.. ( as you can see i imagine my imaginary friends without hands. But maybe you can ask someone to comment for you? And if too many imaginary friens want an imaginary friend, i will pick the names on random)

Quote of the day:

“Growing up as a chubby kid with a ton of imaginary friends and a Cyndi Lauper obsession, I learned about rejection early on and was constantly trying to avoid it.” – Beth DittoSong of the day:Heavy Cross