Jul. 02/2020

Insert fear

This was

moved my “fear diary” into this journal section. I’d advice you to read from the bottom up.


Today i packed all my things and moved out of the gallery. The official ending of the installation.

I am so thankful about everything. Most of all thankful for all of you who shared your fears, who trusted me with them. Believe me, i treated them well until it was time to burn them, which was always a respectful ritual and i am happy about the people who joined me for that!

Over all it was an amazing experience and i know that the topic was perfectly right and it helped me push through to see that we all are afraid of something.

Tonight i am tired and happy! I will be leaving for South Africa tomorrow morning for three weeks of doing nothing (except for trying to pet each and every animal that crosses my way)

I will post more pictures when i am back, also there is a little thing i will be doing with the ashes and memories of this month filled with fear.

Hopefully everyone who sent me their fear feels a bit lighter now and that we can move into the new year, fearless!!



I survived the opening! Well, it was more than surviving, i loved the opening of my installation. It was a perfect evening and i had the perfect fear support team!

Here are a few impressions of this night