Nov. 24/2016


Please meet Lulu

I found Lulu (back then she wasn’t Lulu though, she was just a naked old puppet. Plus creepy. A naked, creepy, old puppet) on a very bad day, bad for me because i was moody and hungover, big times. I went by bus to go into the city and there it was, a garage sale. I didn’t even know that there are things like this in Vienna but there it was for real; a garage full of things (like packed to the ceiling) and a naked, creepy, old puppet standing in the corner. I had to go back and get her. Surprisingly enough the sale was super nice, a father and daughter sale and they both were nice. (Doesn’t happen too often in Vienna) The creepy old puppet was cheap and the whole sale was gone when i came back from the city center. Almost like it never had been there at all.

But i have the creepy old puppet ( i feel uncomfortable writing “naked” too often, i should think about that fact). Beginning of October then an Instagram Challenge started. It was Mab Graves Drawlloween Club, with one propmt each day. I decided to dress up my naked little girl (got over it pretty fast) and to also name her. Said and done, here are all the prompts starring Lulu. Lulu was named by Nerderella, whom i love and i love the name, i think it fits.

Still i am not quite sure if i want to keep her. She creeps me out a bit. It is also possible to put batteries into her, i never dared to. If you are brave enough, you are invited to come over and try it. What says Horror Movie more than a creepy old puppet from a garage sale that was only there for the exact time you went by? Just enough time to sneak that naked Lulu girl into my world.