Aug. 17/2016


Beloved imaginary friends,

Here are my thoughts on today’s blog and i hope that they are of interest for you too. While i was taking care of organizing things, like my online shop and website and stuff, i always stumble upon “helpful” tipps on how to be interesting to potential customers (are you? can imaginary friends even have a credit card? And do they like art and collecting things? I have many questions for you too actually). Very often it says that people (are imaginary friends people at all?) are interested in the person behind a business (am i a business? an imaginary one? an artist? a busy artist.. ?) I wonder now if this is true. Are you interested in the person behind this world, in the Queen, if you will… ?

I have to admit i am totally interested in othere people’s life. When i go to their places i love having a look inside the fridge, i want to know what they eat, drink, what kind of soap do they have in their bathroom.. what books are they reading.. and so on. I love having peeks into the flats of strangers, in the evening when it’s darkoutside and there is light inside. It looks like little dollhouses with puppets walking around, cooking dinner (what are they eating though?) kissing, having fights. It’s like an own world, real but not real. Almost like watching a TV show. And i really love TV shows, people in shows feel like real friends after a while and i want to know what happens to them (i hate it when i never see them eating, feels so unreal and i really want to know. Obsessed with eating, am i ?) Science proofed that our brain really embraces the fictional characters as real friends and in my experience it really works like this.

Now i am thinking if i should start a little blog series about me. I would happily answer questions if there are any or i would simply write about things that are interesting or important to me right now. There are two very nice interviews that you possibly missed where i answer questions regarding my life and work. One on the wonderful blog “reflected faith”, you can read the full feature HERE.

And another one on “Bleaq” a blog for dark arts, and i really loved the questions a lot. Read it HERE, if interested.

If you have questions on your own don’t hesitate to write me an Email or comment below. This would be helpful in going on with this idea.

Let me know how your summer goes, what you are eating, wearing, watching, thinking.