Jun. 27/2022

MIllernTOR ^° HAmBuRg

hello again

Dear Hamburg,

So good being back! Your are one of my favorite cities and I am always so happy when i get the chance to see you again.

This time was actually over the moon exciting. Which means a lot, when the last times i was visiting you I was performing for Staatsoper Hamburg and at the Kampnagel Festival. So this already was really exciting.

But this time i came to paint a mural! Which is really brandnew to me because i only did this once and i failed so hard. I always wanted to be a street artist but i just never took action and now that i am getting old and scared of almost everything, i suddenly get invited to draw a mural.

And the best thing is the WHO invited me.. It was Hera from the street art collective HERAKUT. Which is crazy because i am fan of her work since almost forever. I even own her books. So it was wild, having her message in my instagram DMs, asking if i want to come to Hamburg to be part of the Millerntor Gallery.

I said yes because I didn't have much time to think, which was a good thing because i probably would have gotten too scared to do it, if i had the time to think about it.

But it was pretty short notice, so i went. And i painted that wall and i loved it!

i love you

And I had to climb ladders ( I am SO afraid of heights!) and I had to talk to people (I am SO afraid of people) but I did well.


If you like football and live in or close to Hamburg, you can still visit my creatures. They are guarding the doors at the stadion over the next year.