Oct. 22/2021

Mind over Matter - The immersive experience

Let's connect

Since Corona somehow shook up our world, it was impossible to create a real life installation with real people inside, connecting with my creatures and my work.

So when Helena from Penumbra Art Gallery asked me to create a work for an exhibition I totally felt the need to not only create a piece of art but also something that is immersive and would create connection between the artist and the collector.

So I made a creature (you can see it HERE) that, once at home with the person who bought it, will start a one month long immersive experience with little interactions, sent by me via email and one snail mail surprise too.

I was unsure whether this would work or not but it totally exceeded my expectations. It was a beautiful and connecting experience. Since it was the first time I am not sure if it was so good because Heather, the collector, was so awesome or if this is fun in general. I guess I have to try again.

Here are a few pictures from the things we did. I don't want to tell everything here because i have the feeling that this was also quite personal but i still want to share.

through magic

We were creating little signs..

and dreams

wrote letters to our future selfs--

and friends

we did little dream rituals and found new friends---

This was such a wonderful experience for me that i have the feeling that i got even more out of it than Heather. It was amazing to connect <3