Feb. 26/2019

My Imaginary Gang

Dear imaginary friends,

I am sitting here, listening to the Soundtrack of Westside Story (does everyone of my imaginary friends still know the musical? I have the feeling i am getting old, well, it’s not only a feeling, i guess i do get old. But so do you and hopefully we grow old together and we will never forget all the classics who made this world a better place. Like; Westside Story!)

And if one thing brings me into gang mode, it’s listening to this! And i am obsessed with the idea of creating a gang since forever. Or i would have been happy to at least be part of a gang but never was cool enough.

In my own Imaginary gang i am cool enough, and so are you! And i am inviting my friends to join my imaginary gang in my imaginary world. (dramatic Lovestories are welcome too! Brings some Romeo and Juliet vibe to the gang.. or in this case: Maria and Tony vibes)

I will be sending gang patches to members. Sew them onto your gang jackets and shirts and shorts and whatever. And please send me a picture oooor, we already have a gang hashtag #imaginarygang. Let this be an escapism for us all. And i will say it with Westside Story words again:

You’re never alone, you’re never disconnected
You’re home with your own
You’re well protected