Jan. 03/2023

'+NeWYeAr - nEw(S)LeTTer°

SenDiNG LoVE *

I know that I am hesitating to wrote a newsletter since 2012. I tried to collect all my mail adresses and send them the link to my new website and I felt so bad for invading them like this. I never ever collected mail adresses again.

I am so traumatized even, that I don't have contacts in my mail programme at all. But then I realized that there are some newsletters I am looking forward to and that there are artists where I really want to know what they are up to, where can I see their work again and so on.

So now I am having all my fingers crossed that I am that kind of artist for someone. AND I CREATED A NEWSLETTER!!!!!!!

I will send them monthly. Sometimes, maybe, when life is so exciting that I have the feeling you will find it exciting too, I will probably send a letter too.

°*My HoPES ArE HIgH°

My hopes are high that we can somehow form a little collective. Something more exclusive than instagram. Or let's not say exclusive, let's say intimate.

I am also testing my boundaries with discord. But I am not quite getting there. I would love to build a little imaginary community there too.

But until then, please find my newsletter HERE.