Jan. 26/2016

Part I - Welcome to my world


oday is an orientation day. For me as well as for you. (my imaginary friend) If you have no idea what this blog is about, start at the beginning, which means HERE.

I started my journey from a small corner of my world, one that i know very well already, a place that i really love. (It’s a trick from the book, a good one in my opinion because i tend to get lost in too many opportunities) I chose the forrest close to my home because i love to go there, my dog loves to go there and maybe you will recognize it too from pictures and videos. It’s my safe place. Trees have eyes, squirrels sing strange canons ( i am still not sure if they are some kind of singing squirrel police force. I will monitor that and if so, i will make them uniforms. And post a picture of course) and the sun never really shows, you can only see a glimpse of it but you are safe and sound in the shadows. One task today is to give that place a name. I choose Moonchild. I kid you not. I thought about it far too long and decided to go with the first thing that comes to my mind when in need of a name really fast.

So today i went to explore Moonchild, i think of it as kind of forecourt to my world. I found a little door but i did not walk through.. yet. I will do that tomorrow and bring food and stuff for making fire and spending the night (if i dare) because my first task (next to squirrel police uniforms) is to explore the street behind the door.

to where

f you want to follow suit my imaginary friend. The task is: Step through the door ( be brave, i know you can do it!) explore the street behind, give it a name, describe what’s happening there. Draw a picture, write it down, take a photograph and add the street to the map of your imaginary world. The national Center for Space Creation wants us to create as many places as possible!

Oh and don’t forget to bring your sidekick. In my case. It’s LimaTheWau, the flying dog.

Now, let’s do this and meet again on Friday! And let me point out again that this is highly inspired by the book “The imaginary world of…. ” by Keri Smith. It’s my workbook for this adventure.

“All around us the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped or created” – Joseph Beuys