Jan. 29/2016

Part II - One Way Street


I am back from my first adventure in my imaginary world. I walked through the door, brave and bold, and discovered the Street behind. If you missed the first step towards my imaginary world, read about it HERE.

But before i tell you what i found behind the door i want to talk about those squirrels again. Like i promised i looked closely into that matter and i am now positive about them being a singing police force. And they are in desperate need of uniforms. We made a deal that includes safe passage for me and my sidekick while exploring the new world. In return i make them little uniforms. They will look like this:

One Way Street

And now, fingers crossed that you will meet one of them in uniform one day. On the other hand, fingers crossed that you will not, because it would mean that you are in a lot of trouble.

And now


Behin the little door i found a rather strage scenario. The first street behind it is called One Way Street. And that’s also exactly what it is. You can only move in one direction, which is ahead, but you are not allowed to go back, ever. I had do make a big detour to come back home again because you are not allowed EVER to walk One Way Street in the other direction EVER (Squirrel Police Force!).


I met those two and their pet there. They are lost and living on one way street for some time now. I grew really fond of their pet which seemed to be some kind of wild plush baby. We had a little chat and the one with the long hair loves to tell riddles. Here are my favourite two. If you know the answers, leave them in the comments and you will be rewarded!

1 – What belongs to you, but is used by others?

2- What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?

Tough ones!

A picture of the Riddler of One Way Street

One Way Street leads directly to a little theatre and my plan is to go and discover this theatre house next. I couldn’t find a programm so i guess it will be a surprise. My task therefore will be to make the programm for this theatre, give it a name, dream up a show and the audience. I’ll post the results next week on Wednesday.

“The ability to ‘fantasize’ is the ability to survive. It’s wonderful to speak about this subject because there have been so many wrong-headed people dealing with it … The so called realists are trying to drive us insane, and i refuse to be driven insane.. We survive by fantasizing. Take that away from us and the whole damned human race goes down with the drain.” – Ray Bradbury