Jul. 29/2016

Project Loveletter

Snail Mail ahead,

If you are reading this, let me first of all thank you for doing so, for being here, for following (still) and reading… for spending virtual time with me. Maybe you are waiting for the big follow up to the imaginary world now, maybe you are just here and reading because you are my mother and feel sort of obliged. Anyways, i have to tell you that there is no real follow up plan, yet! But i still want to check in here, once a week if possible, and see what wants out, what wants to be here, on this blog. I will try do not to create a version of a blog that you can find on the internet already. I will try and make this creative and personal. That much i can promise. Now, let’s have a look.

As there is no big plan, there is at least a small one. I hosted a giveaway on my Facebook page a short while ago because i wanted to give something to the people following my work and also because a giveaway is sort of connecting. You get to “talk” to people through comments and also you get their real life adresses if they win (sounds creepy yet? ;)) And if you have real adresses, you can send real things. Real mail! And i LOVE real mail! I love receiving it, i love sending it. Now here’s the plan. I want to send more real mail into this world. So i want to start a mailing list, where i have the addresses of people who want to receive real mail from me. And once in a month i will pick a name (eyes closed) and send a love letter to the lucky one. No one knows what it will look like; maybe a postcard, maybe a little handmade surprise, maybe i will stand on your doorsteps one day (no, just kidding. I won’t do that.Ever. Promise!) Organizing this is not really a strength of mine, so let’s start oldschool, ok? If you want to receive a loveletter from me, send me an Email with your addresse, no fancy words needed, maybe make the topic “loveletter” and i will know. I will then create a list and send stuff, old school, no social media. How does that sound? (I will also write my address on the letter because maybe, just maybe, you want to send something in return. No pressure though!)

lright, let’s leave this here, start sending Emails. GO!