Mar. 06/2016


My beloved imaginary friends,

I am sorry that you had to wait so long for this new part of my story. I can imagine you, sitting on the edge of your chair, biting your fingernails, wondering if i might be dead. Because, what else could keep me away from writing about my journey? Well my imaginary friends, let me tell you, it was not all icecream and unicorns, because i was in jail. Jail in world six? Yes sir… The squirrel police force caught me dancing naked on oneway street. And world six is quite open minded, but specially on oneway street dancing naked is strictly forbidden. Everybody knows and the riddler tried to warn me through a riddle but i didn’t get it and got carried away. (first from my desire to dance, later from the squirrel police force)

There are a lot of things that i don’t yet know about this world. Everyday brings something new. But i promised last time, i will create a tourist guide for you and a map. And i did!

First the map. Like i told you world six is a six part world connected through water slides, the walls of the slides are transparent so you can see the whole universe while sliding from one part of this world to the other. Everything is constantly moving around each other and if you have to go down (waterslide principles still apply in world six) you sometimes have to wait for all the parts to go in the direction you need them to. (if you get bored waiting, just don’t get undressed for dancing) On the map i marked some of the things you should definitly go to and check out when you visit. The picture is a little blurry, but guess what. I would send you the map, if you want to, right to your home. Simply… yes..comment on this blog and let me know.

And now the tourist guide. You can see where the magic theatre is (you remember the magic theatre right?) or the restaurant i was running (Spike Jonze still goes there a lot) or where you can get the best cake in the whole world and where you can find the invisible zoo. I forgot to mark oneway street as a “strictly no naked dancing” zone, just be sure to remeber!

Here is a peek into the guide, if you want the whole thing, let me know!

And because i love you my imaginary friends i have a whole world six pack (get it? 😉 It’s a bag, filled with stuff from world six. This bag will be up in my SHOP very soon. Also some other items, be sure to check it out. But i can hear you saying : “If she loves us so much, why is she making us pay for the world six pack?” Well, i don’t. Those who comment or send me an email, will get it. Snail mail to their home. And this is what it looks like