May 04/2019

Shadow Home

Where there is light

A few months ago i moved into a new home. It now is the place where i live, love and work.

It always takes a while until a new place feels like home, at least for me it does. The one thing that made it so easy for me to fall in love with my new place was that it’s impressing me with shadow shows every day. Sometimes i have no idea how it’s able to create this shadows and when i try to trace them back, i can see that they are complicated combinations; like the sun reflecting from a car into my room, onto my mirror and back at the wall. And it’s always so fantastic that I never get tired of taking pictures. If you follow my instagram, you might have seen them already in my stories.

There is Shade

But now i am sharing a few pictures here, while i am eating my new favourite snack (which is Edamame beans. I am addicted and i never want to eat anything else… Well, that’s not true. I still want to eat everything else too)

It only took me a few minutes to write all this. I think my meditation program on focus does the trick. After three month i am on day 14 of a 30 days program.. Do the math.

Next time i will write more again about the gang! We need more things to connect i think. What could it be? I don’t want to make a facebook group but an online place to connect would be nice. I will think about it, but let me know if you have an idea!!

Gang Love, Claudia