Aug. 5/2020

South Africa/Storms River/Addo


So after we left Wilderness and all it’s overweight dogs behind we headed towards Addo Elephant Park with one stop on the road. The famous Fernery Lodge! Whenever we read something about Storms River or Tsitsikamma, the Fernery Lodge was mentioned. And because Storms River sounds nice and people were saying a lot of nice things about this place, we decided to stay there for one night. And we were definitly not disappointed. It’s a magical place and the chalets are amazing, the food is really good (i loved their breakfast buffet and i am really not easy to please when it comes to breakfast. And not eating animal products.)

I would recommend getting a bottle of cold wine and sit on the terrasse of the restaurant with a mindblowing view (go there during whale season maybe? I bet you could see them from up there) Afterwards i would get into the bath and listen to the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. Why? Because this place will definitly remind you of Kellerman’s.

and up

Up next was Addo Elephant Park. What we didn’t know was how the Elephant Park is really in the middle of nowhere (we could have guessed that though). We stayed at the Addo Dung Beetle and with us came the first rain after almost two months of drought. And now comes a good advice; you have to book dinner with your room. Don’t make the same mistake that we made, thinking that you can get something at a store, there is none. And if you don’t book their dinner, they will give you the cottage right next to the restaurant, so you can smell the food and see everyone eat happily (ok, to be fair, they probably didn’t do it on purpose, but, i believe in the evil in mankind.)

And on

Anyways, Addo Elephant Park was impressive. The downside of seeing all the amazing animals, is seeing all the humans too. It’s a big area though and you don’t see too many of them, if you are lucky. (humans) The animals are worth everything. I almost cried (or did i) when i saw the huge elephant walking past. They are beautiful beyond words.