Jul. 17/2023

°°ThE MeMoRy IllUSiOn*

WhAt iS IT AbouT?

I know I have always been very vague about the new project I am working on and maybe it's hard to get a picture of where we are going.

This is because I am figuring it out while I am going. For me it was clear that I want to create a body of work that is connected under one big theme and what theme would be better than:

Imagination creates Reality

This is the topic of my work, always. We are imagining life for inanimate objects, we believe in the power of our little tattoo friends, we trust that our imaginary friends are there for us, when we need them.

And with the topic of imagination, so many things came to my mind. The first one was; DREAM. Our brain is so powerful and inside of our brain there are things that are as mysterious as the ocean (did you know that around 80 percent of the ocean are unknown territory? Almost like our dreams).I wanted to create a dream journey and invite everyone along.

You can read about it HERE.

AnD We CreAte OUr IMagInaTiON

So my goal for this whole working cycle is to explore our imagination as some sort of escape plan. Focus follows energy. How much magic can we invite into our lives?

How can we work with our memories for example. Did you know that in experiments it was more than easy to let people believe that they experienced a certain event even when they didn't? All it took was repetition. So maybe we can still create our perfect childhood?

We jUsT hAvE to BeLiEvE

With all this I am starting an experiment too. Let's see how we can approach these topics artistically. How to not make it a science project but a science based project. And how to make it as emotional as possible. Let us all feel something together.

Next steps will be communicated through my Newsletter <3

And if you are wondering who the "we" is in this project; Erik Jan Rippmann is working on this with me.