Oct. 20/2020

This is where it ends


Let’s bring this journey to an end i’d say!

From the southern most we went to Pringle Bay for our almost last stop. I really don’t have any pictures of our stay there, eventhough ist was really beautiful. To be honest i have to say that it’s more of an old people place but why not end the journey like we started it?

We were lucky enough to stay in Willem’s apartment which is the red door studio. I won’t add a link, you can easily find it if you like. Willem is highly social which was kind of tough for me at first. But on our second night, when we were too slow hiding because we had a BBQ on the balcony, he invited us to visit “the germans” with him. What sounded scary at first was actually pretty nice because “the germans” own a beautiful Villa right at the sea and we had Gin and Tonics and i can’t remember much more, except for a perfect sunset (this was actually the evening i was sure that we will have our “showdown”. A whale playing in the sunset. But, no happy ending for us)

On the next day it was time to get moving, which was pretty hard for me. So i dragged myself, heavily hungover, into the car. Hoping that i will survive the drive to Franshoek. FINAL DESITINATION!!!!

are just

To cut this really long story short. We stopped at Peregrines again, for quiche. I bought some hangover remedies too and on we went.

For our last night we booked the most wonderful airbnb. It’s a little old church right next to an Animal Sanctuary. Staying there, you can visit the animals in the Sanctuary which is exciting. But was is even better; on the ground where the church is, there is also a dog sanctuary. And the dogs run around freely and they will come and visit. And, nothing makes me happier than cuddling a dog. This was, hands down, paradise. And the perfect last night.

new beginnings

HERE is the link to the sanctuary. You really shouldn’t miss this. Or skip it if you hate animals.

Now, this is the end. We made it. From Fanshoek it was back to Cape Town and back home to Vienna.

This might be the loneliest travel blog on earth and i don’t think that anyone ever is going to read this. But who knows, maybe one person one day will find it and have the perfect South Africa journey!