Apr. 27/15

Time Travel and Performance

The Beginning

My way into the puppet/sculptur/character business brought me through the world of puppet theatre (and i still go there sometimes for adventures).

And years ago i wasn’t only on the crafting side, i was also creating shows and performing them myself (oh my).

As this is something i am not doing anymore (at least not in that form) i decided to dedicate a blog entry to this good old times.

My first own puppet show i created in 2008 and it was called “Ein feines Haus”. It was highly inspired by the novel “Coraline” from Neil Gaiman pre animationmoviewise. For this show i created the puppets together with a collegue who was actually a clown but also a puppeteer and we performed together. A friend of mine made some amazing animations. It was a show about loneliness and facing your fears and GOD do i look young!

And On

The second one was a show about free will and the ability to choose. I don’t have any pictures of it, there is a video though, burried somewhere deep in the the void of youtube.

Next was a show where i had a real director and the show really was touring and got invited to festivals. It was about the Pillow Book, which is a famous japanese novel. Special Appearance by James Dean.

And On

This masterpiece was followed by some things i prefer not to speak of anymore, also there is no proof i’ve ever done them, or at least, i “lost” all the pictures.

And the last one i created, and performed for the last time about four years ago, was “which way to happy”. I really still love this one, it was a beautiful work and i still enjoy looking at the pictures.

I won’t bother you with the storyline too much, that much said, it was about a laboratory where a puppet was testing what happiness is and two girls had to fullfill tasks until finaly they found a solution and a way out. I worked on this show together with Karin Pauer who is a wonderful performer and the sounddesign was from Alex Kasses. There is a trailer, made by him, check it out HERE ! (in case you are wondering, this was a time when i was still a “claudia weissenbrunner before marrying.. and getting divorced again)

This was my gallery of ghosts from the past. I hope you enjoyed!

And the last one, so you can relate to the topic “time travel”, it’s me getting older and wiser. (left, with “puppet”)