Mar. 18/2022

WeArabLe CReAtUrE °

where are we going

Since i am secretly working away on a fashion show for autumn, i thought i might as well start now to somehow integrate fashion and my creatures.

What we will be doing later this year will look nothing like this but still......

A few weeks ago i got a really sweet email from someone who seems to be very much in love with her boyfriend. She wanted to give him something special and personalized and ... FROM ME.

So i started the process as i would with a tattoo and she told me about him. And he sounded like the sweetest person and making him sound so nice, made her sound so nice also. So, i had the feeling that i am creating something for two really sweet people.

when our hearts are in love?

From what i've heard he was really happy with his sweater.

And because it's always nice when all people involved are happy with what's happening, i wanted to experience this again.

So i put "For Max" up in my online store and YAY, someone wanted to have it.

Again; the process was so inspiring and magical. We shared inspirations and then i took time, slowly letting this textile, wearable creature come to life.

Now i think it's like a companion. For adventures, for rainy afternoons and for sleepless nights.

If you would like to have a "for Max" for yourself:

HERE is your chance to get it!