Apr. 19/2015

Welcome from Harry

First of all: WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

I hope that you will enjoy reading and following it, even if my english is not perfect at all and quite bumpy from time to time i still decided to write in english because i want all my friends from around the world ( and i am lucky enough to have a lot of them) to be able to read it too.

I wanted to start my new blog with an old friend who didn’t find a place on this new homepage (yet) but whom i love a lot.

Some of you might know him, if not, let me introduce you to …. HARRY!

He is a character to interact with.

You can touch him, write and draw on him and also read his diary, add your own stories and pictures.

He is all about friendship and love and about the marks we leave as soon as we interact with each other. I think that it is very important to keep in mind that you can’t take things back once they are out there.

Harry was born in Berlin at Pictoplasma Academy during a character ritual with Gary Baseman. He was then first shown at a group show at Pictoplasma Festival.