Jun. 22/2017

What's next?


Dear friends! ( I really hope that there is someone out there, reading my posts. Soon i will ask for proof in form of a Give away contest! So be sure to come back!)

Right now i just wanted to make a quick update about what i am up to. There are so many things happening at the same time, which is perfect but i have the feeling that i forget to tell about it.

I do post Updates on my Social Media sites regulary though, so if you are interested, follow me there! You can find me on Facebook and actually you find me there twice, TheVolk have their own site.

Also, i am on Instagram and Tumblr aaaand Ello, visit me there and say Hello!

But now let me tell you what is consuming my time right now.

On thursday there will be the Premiere of a Puppet Theatre Show for which i designed and fabricated the puppets together with the costume designer Lisa Zingerle. I have only seen one rehearsal so far but this one i liked, so i am looking forward to this evening. I am not allowed to post puppet pictures until then, so i will show you the poster i created for the show. (Only the Illustration, not the Text and Logo) Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa


The evening of the Premiere is also the Opening Night for an International Puppet Theatre Festival in Vienna where i will show an Installation that is also kind of a performance. The CHARACTER PHOTO BOOTH! Not your ordinary Photo Booth! Inside the Booth George is waiting for you to dress you up and take a picture of you together. I think it will be amazing! I will definitly write more about it here. Until then, Photo Booth Picture!


When the festival is over i will catch my breath, clean up the mess in my studio and move on because there is adventure waiting for me.

I will work on a new Puppet Theatre Show, which will be an adapation from the old Grimm Fairy Tale “Hänsel und Gretel”. The Teaser Poster is already there and… exactly… the picture is from me! It’s the bad witch! I am very much looking forward to this project eventhough i can tell already that it will be nervewrecking because Premiere will be end of October. 2015?? i hear you ask… YES! 2015!

My work will also be in a Group Show in Paris in autumn. Possibly i’ll be there too. But if you are in Paris, go there. It sounds fun! Here is the link to the Event.

Aaaaaaand i will work hard on my webshop and update it soon! If you don’t know it yet.. Here it is: Etsy!

Halftime 2015! I am sure there will be more to come…

Lots of love,

Your Puppet Girl