Jan. 29/ 2023

°+WhAT‘s Up°*


I ended last year and started this year with working A LOT on two opera projects.

Both of them will be premiering soon. One in March, the other in April.

My work on the puppets started months ago because it is always such a long process to find the right puppets and characters for the stories.

This means, first chance to see my puppets this year is at the Mecklenburgische Staatstheater. The opera is „Das schlaue Füchslein“ and I designed the puppets, the way of animating them and I bulit them. Uff.
I also was there for the start of the rehearsals and I think that this is going to be a super nice opera project. So if you have the chance to go and see it, do so.

THEN, the next opera is „Kapitän Nemo‘s Bibliothek“. It is based on the book by Per Olov Enquist and it‘s quite a tragic story about two children and how they need to grow up way too early and how everything breaks in their families and their surrounding. Sounds nice? Oh I bet it is. I am designing and creating the children for this opera and a few other puppets. It will be premiering on the 11th of April in Vienna with Neue Oper Wien.


And then, April to be exact, I will combine work with a little vacation and grab my little puppet friends and we will make our way to Lissabon, where I will show my work at Curio Art Gallery, spend a few days at the beach and see Lissabon for the first time in my life.


And beginning of May I am setting up my installation at the Red Carpet Art Award again. Last year, this was so much fun and I can‘t wait to make something even cooler this year. This year it is going to be at Schottentor/Vienna.


This is a chance to see ME, not my puppets.

I will be performing in this immersive show that is happening in Vienna, in March.


November me and puppets are moving to the north of Germany again where I am having a solo exhibition at Kleine Affäre.

I am planning on showing my bigger paintings for the first time, together with sculptural work of course.


And I will be ending this year with an Installation in Vienna, at Wirr in Raum which is pretty cool art space. This feels so far away but if everything goes as planned, this will be an Installation about whales and dreams.