May 02/2017

Your Hairy Backyard Scratcher

Beloved Imaginary friends

As some of you might have already noticed i am making quite a few tattoos recently. Like really “making”, i am drawing them and then i also work the ink into your skin, which might hurt but only a little (and this might be a little lie) and for a good reason. I am not a professional tattoo artist neither am i planning on becoming one. These tattoos are works of art and fun. I will definitly not make a lot of tattoos, so getting and having one should be something really special. I learned how to prepare everything from a real professional tattoo artist which makes it safe too. Look; i am even wearing gloves!

If you want one for yourself, here is a little “How to get a forevery imaginary friend from Claudia” guide.

First of all i really have to point out that i am not your humble tattoo artist but more like your hairy backyard scratcher. I love doing it though and i think i am really good at it. I make my creations only but i do make compromises once in a while (small ones). But if you want a tattoo from me you get a tattoo from me. I am not taking money as a tattoo artist but as an artist. So i charge the drawing but the tattoo itself is a “give what you want and like, depending on how happy you are after”. ( I am totally taking advantage of the Adrenalin rush there) I also trade tattoos but only for things i really need and love. (But i have too much Gin already)

Right now i have totally no idea why i am writing this in english. Because if you are that far away that you don’t understand german you might never come close enough for a tattoo.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you want to trade something talk to me, if you have no money but would love a tattoo, talk to me. About everything; talk to me. (But rather send me an email then calling me on my phone because i never ever pick it up)