–Art Direction

–Creature Design



For the Red Carpet Showroom i created an installation that plays with who we think we are and who we think others are.

A THEORY OF YOU" is an installation through which the outside and the inside are exchanged or interact.

The people passing by are not only the observers, but also become the questioned/ the observed. The inside and outside are morphing into one the one, equally isolated and thrown back on themselves. But there is the possibility of interacting. The different creatures face the passers-by. In their hands they hold news / questions / theories.

It should be a questioning of the image one has of oneself; the construct of the ego that one has worked out in one's life. Which statements do something to me? What also applies to me? And who even asks? What do I have to say?

"deep inside you, you dream of kissing the post man. Next time you see him. Just do it” “Have you ever wondered if you are good enough? Here is the answer: “

“That little thing you did yesterday. It's not over yet. You really shouldn't stop thinking about it ”

“remember how you always told yourself that you will do it tomorrow? Tomorrow is today!" “Have you ever thought that you are boring? Well, maybe you are”

“That person you saw at the red light today. He would have needed your help”

"Do you really think that all the hard work will pay off?"

“I know you are trying. keep going”

I would also bring little love letters to the installation for people to find and take home with them.

Little creatures with messages and theories written on their backs.