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Welcome Dreamer,

In an ambition to create a collective experience we will synch our day and night dreaming rituals, and try to dream one big dream together. If all of this is new to you, you can read more HERE.



Here it is, the perfect goodnight story that I promised. With all the dream words and topics you sent me, I created a story that is built on all that. OUR goodnight story.

Now is the time for the Connective Dreaming Final. We have our final ritual (The Body) to connect to our body and to the Universe. And we have our goodnight story.

For the rest of the week, please do the ritual DAILY, and then, while falling asleep, listen to the goodnight story.

ALSO, once during your day (Really whenever but don't forget about it, maybe set a timer on your phone) look at something round and red. Nevermind what it is, a ball, a person, a dog, a bird, a sign, anything. But it has to be round and red.

Let's synch like this for the rest of this week. And let's schedule our connective dream experience for Sunday. SUNDAY THE 4TH. That's the night we dream together. <3

Oh, and of course, now you are wondering where the Goodnight Story is. You can find the link HERE. And this is not a scam to get you into my newsletter list. It's just because I Can't upload an audio here but I can do it there. Enjoy!



Today is the day that brings us one step closer to the finale. Now we are REALLY synching and this ritual is the first step. You can start doing it tonight. It's relaxing, I promise! This is the FINAL ritual, we will now forget about the other ones. But we will keep our dream companions and puppets close.

A big Thank You goes out to Marcelo Dono, who was kind enough to create this magical little movement meditation for us. And like always, and again and again, thank you Erik Jan Rippmann for putting the WE into DREAM. And of course to Fractile Ruis for the perfect sound.

It will take a few days to create that story and it will come with the ultimate ritual. Please send me your dream words and topics. I set up instagram stories, where you can simply type them in or you comment there or you send me an email. Everytyhing is welcome and appreciated.

In this chapter we are adding the touch to our companion and to the breath. (hope you are still doing this?)

Maybe you are already asking yourself; where is this going? So I will explain a little. For now we are slowly starting to synch with our small rituals. We are then starting the COLLECTING PHASE, which means that we somehow will need to know your dream words and topics. (for those of of you who don't want to share, I will think of a way to send it anonymously)

After the collecting, the INFUSION starts. We then will start with the real work that will lead to our dream experience.


It's a call for action again. Here is a small tutorial on how we can all create our little friend, the one that will give us all the feels at night. (sounds strange, but that's the intention)

With this little puppet friend (and let me give you a heads up. It might not be as easy to create as it looks in the pictures and tutorials. Reality is tough) we will go to bed every night from now on, for the rest of this project or until you decide you prefer to sleep alone.

The important thing about it is to touch and feel the material and the little strings. And we all touch the same thing when we fall asleep. Our little dream puppet.

Keep all the other rituals and sleep well <3



Hello Dreamer,

Here is your update on your dream journey. I hope you followed the (easy?) steps so far and that you are now equipped with a dream companion and a few words from your morning/dream journal.

We are taking this a bit further. Dream Companions stay but a new ritual enters the building. A Breathing Ritual. If we all want to create a similar state of being (in both, body and mind) we will need to synch a few things. We will start with the breath and something that is connected to the breath.

FIRST: Before you fall asleep and when you are already in your bed. Please start this breathing ritual. EVERY NIGHT (until we change it again. I'll let you know) Here is a video tutorial for it. Our little friend wasn't much help with that ritual because we can't see the breath of our puppet friend.

PLUS: Before you start the breathing ritual, I want us all to smell something grounding. If you have a garden, stick your nose into the grass (not literally and not too far, but you should be able to smell it) If you don't have a garden, try smelling the paws of your beloved pet. And if you have neither of that, smell the soil from a plant in your home. If you don't have a plant or a pet near you and no nature outside... Last chance, smell your own skin. Because we are nature.

SECOND: You can still go on writing down the three words in the morning. But now, if you are able to remember a dream, please write down an overall topic too. As if you were to write a book.

Alright then. DREAM ON!



Our first step is to create someone who is following along on this journey. A companion.

Create your own. Cut it out and then put it somewhere close to your bed (or wherever it is you are sleeping) You should see your companion before you fall asleep and right after you wake up.

Also, get yourself a dream journal! It doesn't have to be something fancy (it can be though) and put it next to your bed too. Then, after you wake up, write down three words. The first that come to your mind. Maybe they are related directly to your dreams last night, maybe it's dream residue. Make this a bulletproof ritual. Three words every morning, until we are gonna change that ritual a bit. I'll let you know. The dream companion is your reminder and your guardian.