–Art Direction



Last year I got invited to show my work at the Shadow across the Globe online puppetry festival. And since I wanted to create a little stop motion movie since forever I decided to take this chance to create one.

I asked my boyfriend of instagram ( we call him that right? Because he is the one who is mostly behind the camera and also he is the one with the technical know how. Want to stalk him? Do it HERE)

And also, because I am one lucky person, I was in contact with a genius musician. We wrote a few times and always told each other how much we would love to work together.

And now, this was the chance. I asked her and it was an amazing collaboration. If you want to stalk this fantastic person, do it through her youtube account or connect with her on facebook.

And now to the result:

I I would be endlessly interested in what you think the story is. Your interpretation of it. Let me know in an email, if you want?

And of course I had to create a little missing buddy. That's him <3