Jul. 2/2017

All at once... Done!


My dearest friends!

I wrote in my last Blog about all the things coming up next and some of them are over now. I am super tired, but more or less already in the middle of the next project.

But first things first. Here are the pictures of the puppets i made for “Fünf tragische Weisen eine Frau zu töten”. It’s a performance about suicide, so it’s starring Virgina Woolf, Judy Garland, Madame Butterfly and Antigone. I wasn’t allowed to show the pictures before the Premiere, but now that it’s over. Here they are:

It was the first time i was creating human like characters, so i aimed for a design that was close to mine but still human engouh that the director would like it. I stylized the puppets in my aesthetics, like the paper fabrics i love to produce and use and to make their heads and faces as clean as possible. The fabrication was again done with the costume designer Lisa Zingerle.


This show was also the Opener for the Puppet Theatre Festival where i was showing my Character Photo Booth.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I am working on a video clip and on the photos taken inside the booth right now and i’ll hopefully post a “Best of” soon. That much said, it was a blast. People where so incredibly nice and funny being confronted alone with me and George in the Booth. I really hope that they liked it as much as we did. But more on the Photo Booth soon. Here some impressions, more to come!